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whole house reverse osmosis

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Soft Water without the slippery feeling with reverse osmosis


Our whole house reverse osmosis system is attractive and more affordable than you might think!  Customers have told us installing this system is the best thing they have ever done for their family and their home!  Having reverse osmosis water run through the entire home is Glorious .  Every fixture in the home will supply you with better than bottled water quality water.  The appliances will work more efficiently and have a longer life.  We know you will love our system. Not only is it the most efficient piece of machinery in our market today, It uses the least amount of water than any one of our competitors which means less electricity being used. We are so confident In our systems.


Our whole house reverse osmosis system is a complete unit that includes:

Reverse Osmosis unit enclosed in an attractive, outdoor rated, cabinet. Not built on a metal or stainless frame. Its built right into our cabinet for longevity.

  • BLACK 300 or 500 Gallon, short or tall storage tank (best fit for customers needs is supplied at no extra charge).
  • BLACK UV PROTECTED TANK to prevent algae or bacteria buildup
  • U.V. Light for disinfection.
  • Back washing membrane in the reverse direction that water is made
  • Post filter that changes acidic reverse osmosis water in tank to alkaline water in the home.
  • Sulfur Filter (Removes High Sulfur & Smell)
  • Single Membrane 2.5 gpm
  • Product & Waste Gauges
  • Booster Pump
  • House Pump
  • Pressure Tank
  • 20 Micron Pre-Filter
  • Well sanitation
  • House sanitation
  • Air bubbler
  • System is tested and approved by Lee County to be Bacteria Free.
  • One Year Unlimited Warranty included.
  • One box of filters if you so choose to maintain your system yourself
  • One Year of Monthly Maintenance included.
  • Extended Warranty available with monthly service after the first year.


Each of our whole house reverse osmosis systems are custom designed to meet our customer’s specific needs and available space.  Please call or fill out the form below to schedule your no cost consultation. We will come, test the water, evaluate your existing equipment and give you a complete price with no hidden costs.

We can supply you with with  4,000 referrals. We are the number one whole house reverse osmosis system company in Cape Coral.


Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems reduce harmful contaminants and turns common tap water into the fresh, quality water that nature intended us to drink.  A 4-stage system filters water at the molecular level. Drawn water passes through a final carbon filter to remove any unwanted tastes or odors. The result is simply healthier, better tasting water.

Does whole house reverse osmosis make sense?

First of all, water quality varies greatly from well water to surface water to municipal water.  Well water may have things like iron, sulfur, manganese +and tannin which almost always have to be removed, especially in the case of a whole-house RO system.  Those contaminants must always be removed before the reverse osmosis process.  Let’s not forget that reverse osmosis removes the largest spectrum of contaminants at the most economical cost of any water treatment process.  Essentially, a whole house reverse osmosis system will remove 98 to 99% of most contaminants including Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), sodium, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, arsenic and a plethora of other chemical and organic contaminants.

One of the key ingredients to a whole house reverse osmosis system is proper per-treatment, which includes removing the iron, sulfur, manganese, tannin and other nuisance elements.  So, ahead of an RO system, it is essential that filtration or oxidation of these contaminants are accomplished.  If the water is hard, then it needs to be softened or (what I prefer) use an anti-scalant to prevent hard water build-up on the membranes.  Anti-scalant systems are gaining popularity because no water is wasted and no salt is needed.

Who might need a whole house reverse osmosis system?  Lots of people.  It could be health related in that they may want to remove as many chemicals as possible from their water.  Many people have a sensitivity to such chemicals and therefore need a whole house Reverse osmosis system.  In other cases, it may be that there are contaminants in the water that create ascetic issues such as high chlorides, sodium, sulfates and others.

Sometimes we see water that has TDS levels in excess of 2,000 PPM (the USEPA recommends drinking water that is below 500 PPM).  I’ll grant you that the water you use to flush your toilet doesn’t have to be super clean, but the amount of water used for flushing toilets in very insignificant compared to most other uses for water in your home.  Washing dishes or clothes, bathing, shampooing, shaving and cleaning in clean reverse osmosis water is a pure joy.

Back in the day, people used to bathe in rainwater, which is generally absolutely soft.  When I was in Haiti a few years ago, we would wait for a heavy rainstorm and stand underneath a downspout plume just to enjoy a good shower.  With shorts on and a bar of soap, we enjoyed every second of that shower.

If taking a shower in the cleanest water on the planet, without chemicals, pesticides and hardness appeals to you, then maybe you are a candidate for a whole house reverse osmosis system.  If you want to be able to drink from any faucet in the home, then maybe a whole house reverse osmosis system is for you.  Maybe you just want the best water possible.  If so, a home whole house reverse osmosis  system may just be what the doctor ordered!





Water Making Ratio


Product water / waste water

1 gallon product water


2 gallons waste water

1 gallon good water


5-7 gallons of waste water

Backwashing membrane with clean water in reverse direction of water production. YES: We use clean water to actually backwash our membranes in the reverse direction that water is made. NO: Their membranes do not backwash. They forward wash with well water.
Includes a sulfur filter with system. YES: We include a Gen 5 Sulfur Filter with your purchase. NO: They do not offer you a sulfur filter in their price.
Includes a backwashing post filter YES NO: They use an in/out valve. Doesn’t backwash.
Special lockable cabinet shed with pressure tanks and R.O. system inside of the unit. YES NO: Most use a metal frame, and may use a vertical cabinet where only the metal frame is. R.O. will be sideways so you can’t see the gauges.
R.O. System on a metal frame NO: it will not corrode. YES: They use a metal frame and build the R.O. system on the frame. The frame will corrode and break down.
Lifetime Warranty YES NO: Most do not!
Manufacture their own systems YES: At our 30k sqft manufacturing facility. Cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you. NO: They buy them from a manufacturer.
2000 Reverse osmosis systems installed YES: We can provide a long list of RO clients. NO: Just about every company has only installed a handful. Reverse osmosis systems are complex and many do not have the knowledge to install or maintain them.


  1. How much water does your system produce per minute?  How much does it waste?
  2. Does your membrane backwash with treated product water or untreated well water?
  3. Does your system include a sulfur filter and post filter?
  4. Does your system have a backwashing post filter? Does your post filter have an in/out head on it?
  5. Does your post filter automatically clean itself & self diagnose? Or is it an in/out valve?
  6. Do you protect your R.O. with a cabinet? Does it hold both pressure tanks?
  7. Is your system built in the cabinet or on a metal frame?
  8. What is the warranty on your system?
  9. Do you purchase your systems or build them?
  10. How many R.O. systems have you installed? How long have you been installing WHRO’s?
  11. Can you proved me a list of WHRO customers?