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Get the Viqua VP600 Ultraviolet Whole House Water Sterilizer for only $499!

Why Every Water System Should Have A UV Light

Protect Your Family

Pure Water Systems Fort Myers FloridaUltraviolet sterilization effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and parasites, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Chlorine will only keep bacteria at low levels and essentially sanitize your system, while UV will actually sterilize your water system. Protect you family from microbes with UV sterilization.

Some estimates show up to 30 million Americans can develop a gastrointestinal illness from drinking unsterile water. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 900 to 1,000 deaths occur from microbial illnesses from consuming non-pure US drinking water. Let Crystal Clear Water install this UV system in your home and start protecting your families’ health.

Purifying your home’s drinking water with UV light.  Ultraviolet (UV) light helps disinfect your water, is considered environmentally safe, and is a proven method for water disinfection requirements across the world.

  • Sale! Fort Myers Water System Service UV Light

    UV Light Water Purification System (Whole House)

    The VP600 system has been designed and tested to ensure quality drinking water is at everyone’s finger tips.

    • High-efficiency, compact, UV disinfection system
    • Designed for commercial scale flow rates up to 30 gpm (113 lpm)
    • Features “count down” timer display and lamp change reminder

    $ 1,100.00 $ 499.00

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