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Sulfur Filter System (Chemical Free)




If you have smelly water, you have sulfur in your water! Sulfur & Iron filters are environmentally safe with no toxic chemicals used like in other systems. WATCH VIDEO below to learn more about sulfur in Florida wells.

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The Gen 5 Sulfur Eliminator is highly effective in removing sulfur odors commonly associated with problematic well water. Its innovative design uses a safe, Catalytic/Centaur carbon multi-media 7-stage bed in combination with an air-charged chamber to oxidize and capture the elements that cause sulfur odor and other unpleasant smells.  Sulfur filters are environmentally safe – no toxic chemicals are used like in other systems. This powerful sulfur filter system will remove more than 12ppm of sulfur water, unlike our competitors’. The Gen 5 Sulfur Eliminator continues to advance on past designs. Ultra-low power consumption, maximized salt efficiency, and energy-saving design are all part of this innovative system. The Gen 5 is also a smart appliance. Advanced electronics have an intuitive software program that adapts to water patterns to save on water and salt . Whether it’s rust stains in your sinks, or the smell of sulfur every time you turn on the tap, your water problems can cause you more than frustration and embarrassment. They can damage your fixtures, discolor your laundry, or create an unpleasant odor in the shower.


All components of the Gen 5 Sulfur filter Eliminator are easily separated and exchangeable with your dealer. You never need to pay for a service call unless you choose to. Just easily remove your control valve and bring it to one of our shops. You have the option of exchanging the components yourself, or having one of our experienced technicians provide you with our in-home service.

Until now, the most common solution for your sulfur water problem involved harsh chemicals and outdated water treatment methods.  Now there is a new solution, a proven technology: the Gen 5 Sulfur Filter Eliminator. The Gen 5 uses a chemical-free air induction filter along with a 7-layer special blend of multi-media filter to clean the water without harsh chemicals.  Engineered and installed for lasting performance, the Gen 5 Sulfur Filter Eliminator is designed for high performance, long life, and trouble-free operation and maintenance. It features our exclusive Gen 5 Valve Controller, all designed to provide a lifetime of reliable operation.  All of the components can be easily removed for efficient maintenance or replacement.


  • Sulfur eliminator
  • Special blend of layered media to maximize sulfur removal and reduce bacteria.
  • Removes sulfur and iron odor from well water.
  • Media and tank exchange program.
  • Metered system: regenerates based on usage.
  • Intelligent electronics: monitors usage history.
  • 1” High-flow design.
  • No fasteners, screws, nuts or bolts to corrode.
  • Operated by a single motor-driven piston.
  • Lifetime fiberglass-wrapped, seamless tanks control the sulfur and iron in your home.
  • 100% money back guarantee!
  • No more smell, guaranteed!
  • Stops iron and sulfur stains.
  • Protect plumbing, fixtures, appliances and clothing.
  • Eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners in showers, sinks, toilets and appliances.
  • Protect your water softener from iron build up.
  • Air-induction filtration removes the sulfur to produce clean, odor-free water.
  • Protects pipes from black oxidation caused by sulfur water.
  • Removes more than 12 ppm of sulfur.
  • Uses less electricity.
  • Kills bacteria.
  • No maintenance required!
  • No chemicals!
  • Requires 1 less pump.
  • Requires 1 less pressure tank.
  • No more floating frogs!
  • Turn “stink water” into fresh water!
  • Eliminates the need for traditional chlorine fed treatment systems.

Sulfur filter Cape Coral with chemical feed tank-A sulfur filter eliminator Is a powerful sulfur removal system that oxidizes the sulfur and backwash’s out the gas daily the drain. However over time sulfur bacteria builds up in the sulfur filters and will cause fouling of the media prematurely. Crystal Clear Water’s Sulfur filter chemical feed tank will force our chemical solution into the sulfur filter. So It not only will oxidize the sulfur with the oxygen it has injected into itself, It will remove the sulfur and sulfur bacteria coming from the well once the well is sanitized.