Whole House &Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems in Fort Myers

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whole House & Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems


Whole House Reverse Osmosis (RO) removes up to 99.8% of the chemicals in your water. This means that arsenic, cyanide, chrome, copper, nickel and other ions are greatly reduced. In addition, water hardness in reverse osmosis is also removed, which eliminates lime scale formation on bath fixtures, in pipes, and in the water heater.  Most water heaters fail due to calcium buildup on the heater elements; reverse osmosis will eliminate that method of failure.

With Reverse Osmosis water, dishwashers last longer, and dishes rinse spot free. The scale that builds up on showers and bath fixtures is eliminated. Water tastes better and is better for you.


Reverse Osmosis is a membrane filtration process where water under pressure is forced through very small pores in the membrane and the dissolved chemicals are left on the pressure side of the membrane. Reverse Osmosis works by using pressure to force the water through a membrane retaining the dissolved chemicals on one side and allowing the pure water to pass to the other side. This is the reverse of the normal osmosis process, which is the natural movement of a solvent from an area of low solute concentration, through a membrane, to an area of high solute concentration when no external pressure is applied.


Pre-treatment is vital to the functionality of your system. Some of our competitors in the area that do not use pre-treatment backwash, advanced diagnosis and history on the post filter, and/or a true backwash for membranes(clean water, not dirty water). As you can see from the picture of a competitors WHRO system (right), that was not installed with a pre-treatment, it is filthy and full of sulfur bacteria.  No matter the warranty you have from one of our competitors, if your tank looks like the one to the right, you do not have sufficient equipment and ultimately you will need a house sanitation, a re-bed of the post filter, the hot water lines sanitized and the anode rod removed from the hot water tank.

Crystal Clear Water’s Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Features and Benefits:

Crystal Clear Water Purification Inc. manufactures all our own whole house reverse osmosis systems so we build them right. We build them to waste less water, use less electricity, and our system has only good water touching the components after the pre-filter and pre-treatment.

Our features make us the right choice. Our competition does not have these features that we provide exclusively . These features are specifically designed for our systems.

A backwashing filter is a water filter that cleans itself periodically by rinsing away impurities it has filtered from water. It also will prevent bacteria from growing in your media bed. Other companies only put an in/out head on their systems (see right picture). Crystal Clear Water’s Gen 5 Control Valve has the ability to monitor water usage, has advanced diagnostics, tracks how long it has been installed, reads total gallon usage, and much, much more!

Minimum Water Usage

Our system is designed to waste on a 1:2 ratio. Which means our system makes 1 gallon of good water and wastes 2 gallons of bad water.

Uses Less Electricity

Our competitors systems are 1:4 ratio systems, which means it wastes more water and electricity. The more your whole house reverse osmosis system wastes, the less water is going into the tank. Which means your pump runs more than it should. Make a Crystal Clear Water custom whole house reverse osmosis system yours today.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We will make sure you are completely satisfied, and if not, we will refund you completely if we cannot resolve your issue.

Lifetime Warranty

Crystal Clear Water has the best warranty in the business.