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High pH Booster Filter


$ 140.00 $ 125.00


The VP600 system has been designed and tested to ensure quality drinking water is at everyone’s finger tips.

  • High-efficiency, compact, UV disinfection system
  • Designed for commercial scale flow rates up to 30 gpm (113 lpm)
  • Features “count down” timer display and lamp change reminder


Want Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Antioxidant water is a great substitute for purified mineral water.  It naturally assists your body by improving metabolism and removing impurities. Crystal Clear Water manufactures a filter that boosts the ph levels and helps create alkaline water.

Why do we need this?

Alkaline water helps to eliminate almost 80 percent of diseases from human body. It can assist in removing toxic content from the human body. Another important benefit of alkaline water is that it can lower oxygen reduction potential and help prevent cancer and other diseases.


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