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Generation Series 6 Water Filter – Sulphur & Iron Eliminator


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Until now, the most common solution for your sulfur water problem  involved harsh chemicals and outdated water treatment methods. Now there is a new solution, a proven technology, The Gen VI Sulfur Filter Eliminator. The Gen VI uses a chemical-free air induction filter along with a 7 layer special blend of multi media filter to clean the water without harsh chemicals. Engineered and installed for lasting performance, The Gen VI Sulfur Filter Eliminator is designed for high Performance, long life and trouble-free operation and maintenance. It features our exclusive Gen VI Valve Controller, all designed to provide a lifetime of reliable operation. All of the components can be easily removed for efficient maintenance or replacement.


The Gen 6 Sulfur Eliminator is highly effective in removing sulfur odors commonly associated with problem well water. Its Innovative design uses a safe, Catalytic/Centaur Carbon MULTI-MEDIA 7 STAGE Bed in combination with an air charged chamber to oxidize and capture the elements that cause sulfur odor and other unpleasant smells. Sulfur Filters are environmentally safe – no toxic chemicals are used like in other systems! This powerful sulfur filter system will remove more than 12ppm of sulfur water, unlike our competitors. The Gen VI Sulfur Eliminator continues to advance on past designs. Ultra low power consumption, maximized salt efficiency and energy saving design are all part of this innovative system. The Gen VI is also a smart appliance. Advanced electronics have an intuitive software program that adapts to water patterns to save on water and salt . Whether it’s rust stains in your sinks, or the smell of sulfur every time you turn on the tap, your water problems can cause you more than frustration and embarrassment. They can damage your fixtures, discolor your laundry, or create an unpleasant odor in the shower.


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