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Filtered Water Helps You Sleep

Water is one of the healthiest drinks you can have. It keeps the body hydrated, lubricates and cautions the joints, removes body toxins, and delivers many more benefits. It also plays an importation role in determining the quality of sleep that you get. However, drinking water comes in different hyped forms such as bottled water, tap water, distilled water, and alkaline water, which makes it quite confusing for consumers. Nevertheless, it has been established that filtered water is the healthiest of all. Below is a discussion of the various health benefits of having clean filtered water, why it pays to have a water filtration system at home, and why it is important to have your water regularly tested.

Benefits of having clean Water

Filtered Water Helps You SleepClean water is one of the fundamental human needs. Therefore, the importance of having clean water cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, a human being needs at least 20 liters of clean water a day for keeping themselves clean, cooking, and drinking. Some of the benefits of having clean filtered water include;

  • Improve mental alertness
  • Replenish skin tissues
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Boosts metabolic rate
  • Flush out toxins
  • Moisturizes the air in the lungs

Taking a glass of clean water before going to sleep can also go a long way in enhancing the quality of sleep that you get. This is because water reduces the risk of dehydration, and this helps to reduce fatigue. Water also helps to regulate body temperature and enhance your energy levels. All these benefits will work together to give you a good night sleep and help you to rest and wake up with the necessary energy to face the day.

Importance of Having You Water Tested

Although most municipal tap water is clean and safe for drinking, the truth is that water delivery system of every home is different. Some homes have older pipes that could be leaking radon and heavy metals such as lead into the water. This can pose a serious health threat to you and your family. If you use water from a well, it could also be contaminated with dangerous bacteria and harmful minerals Thus, it is imperative to ensure that you identify the contaminants in your water to either avoid drinking it or find the right water filter.

Benefits of Having a Water Filtration System at Home

A water filtration system is one of the most important equipment you can have at home. Indeed, it is the surest way to ensure that your family is having clean safe drinking water. Below are some of the benefits of having a water filtration system at home.

  • A water filtration system removes bacteria contaminants and chlorine from water giving you access to better smelling and tasting water.
  • By removing chlorine and chlorine byproducts from water, a filtration system will significantly reduce the risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer.
  • A filtration system can also remove lead and other heavy metals and harmful minerals, ensuring that these dangerous substances don’t end up in your body.
  • A filtration system will also help you save money because you won’t have to spend money on bottled water.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent clean water is an essential human need. Thus, it is important to ensure that your water is regularly tested, and if it is contaminated, you have to get a water filtration system. Such a system will go a long way in ensuring that your family has access to better drinking water free from harmful contaminants.

Southwest Florida Water Sports

Some people move to Southwest Florida for the weather.  They love the mild winters and think of the summer humidity like a warm hug.  Others come for the value.  Although Southest Florida is not the least expensive place in Florida, compared to many places in the country, it is a value.  But most people come to Southwest Florida for the water.  Whether it is for the fishing, the sailing, or just for the beaches, Southwest Florida is a water lovers paradise. 

The Canals of Cape Coral

Southwest Florida Water Cape CoralIt isn’t enough for Cape Coral to be a peninsula on a peninsula.  The City is surrounded by the Caloosahatchee River on one side, and Matlacha Pass on the other (both of which will quickly lead you to the Gulf of Mexico).  Cape Coral also has over 400 miles of canals making the city with the most navigable water ways in the world.  What this means for you is that there is an abundance of waterfront properties in Cape Coral and they can be bought for a reasonable price.  From any one of those waterfront homes, you are a short ride away to the protected lagoons, Caloosahatche River or open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  There are also mangroves that are great for kayaking and beaches that are great for swimming or just lounging in the sun. 

Then There Is The Rain

Cape Coral Averages about 55 inches of rain per year (comparatively, Los Angeles got about 6 inches of rain last year).  The majority of the rain is in the summer with greater then 40% chance that any given day will have some rain.  (In early August, that is up to a 73% chance).  

The summer is also hurricane season.  Southwest Florida has seen it’s share of bad storms, but in reality, most storms to affect Southwest Florida are just a bad inconvenience.  

But What About The Drinking Water?

People in Southwest Florida get their water from the city, a well, or the store.  Cape Coral and Ft Myers both get their water from aquifers, and then run the water through a reverse osmosis treatment plant.  This basically means that each of these cities use well water (from a very large well) that has been properly treated before being sent through miles of old pipes to your home.  Let’s be honest here, you might want to filter that water again. 

Then there is the well water some people get from small wells on their own property.  If you get your water this way, you may want to try the same filtration system the city uses.  Crystal Clear Water has both whole house and under sink reverse osmosis water filtration systems for your home.  

Lastly, there are the people that buy their water from the store.  Over the years, enough investigative news reports have been around to show us that bottled water is usually just filtered tap water.  There is nothing wrong with filtered tap water, we like it a lot.  However, when you store it in plastic bottles sitting in the Florida heat, the plastic breaks down and you end up with micro-plastic in your water.  Therefore, it is not only cheaper to filter your water at home, it is also better for you.  

Let’s face it, most water is filtered.  Then it has to be transported to you.  You get the cleanest, best tasting water, when the filter is right their on your property.  So call Crystal Clear Water today and let us help you find the water treatment system that is right for your home.  

ou Need A Water Filtration System Before Rainy Season

Water Filtration Systems

Stormwater collected from rooftops contains many contaminants ranging from eroded roof materials, plant debris, soil particles, and other impurities that interfere with the quality of stored water. This scenario causes clogging of pumps, blockage of pipes, and valves. Notably, most of this solid contaminants sediment at the bottom of a storage tank. Organic compounds deplete oxygen by decomposing and they form noxious by-products such as hydrogen sulfide that can have adverse effects on human health. To mitigate this problem, we should put a water filtration system in place to purify the water.

ou Need A Water Filtration System Before Rainy Season of the methods that can be effective in the purification of rainwater is the installation of the first-flush diverter. This technique works well in places that experience short rains and extended dry spells. Notably, the system diverts roof water during the first showers and redirects it to the storage system when it is clean. This method cannot be used in areas, which receive rainfall almost throughout the year. Additionally, experts feel that the water should be filtered even after the first flush divert to enhance the quality of the water. At Crystal Clear Water, we offer at least three first flush and integrate the system with nine mechanical filters. The process involves retaining the first runoff water along the length of a capped pipe. After its full a ball shuts the top of the system allowing additional rainfall water to flow to a storage system.

Another method is by use of pot filters. This is the simplest pre-water filters and they come with a flanged plastic tray that is perforated. Above the perforation, a filter pad helps to isolate solid materials from the water. Baskets filters include a filter basket fitted into a plastic body. Water squeezes via the top to the bottom through the filter. Cascade filters are similar to the latter model but allow debris to flow out instead of retaining them. Due to the aforementioned scenario, they require less maintenance. The working principle of these filters is that water cascades over a curve and passes through a multi-level screened filter and exits via a port at the bottom. The last filter is the Vortex filters. Just like the cascade filters, they do not collect debris; therefore, they minimize maintenance costs. Instead of utilizing horizontal filters, they are arraigned in a vertical direction. Water flows through a circumference and they employ capillary action to purify it, then it exits through the bottom. According to the experts, depending on the water intensity there efficiency reaches up to 90%.

Crystal Clear Water has you Covered.

Water is life but can cause water-related maladies such as diarrhea and cholera. It is important to have clean family drinking water. Recent research show Bisphenol A, a compound used to make plastics that pack bottled water slowly leach into the vital commodity. This compound can have detrimental effects on human health. It is in this regard that if you are in South West Florida Crystal Clear Water is the company to contact to purify and test your water. Since 1999, our organization has helped our customers to put up effective water filtration system in place to purify their harvested water. Currently, we have over 25,000 customers who we offer the latter services in South West Florida. At Crystal Clear Water, our objective is to provide clean water at an affordable price. Therefore, if you need to install a water filtration system before the rainy season and you are in South West Florida calls us and you will never regret the decision.

Micro-Plastic: Another Reason To Give Up Bottled Water

Plastic is the most widespread form of refuse found in the planet’s oceans, and Micro-Plastic is so petite that they can dodge methods for filtering or collecting plastic waste. Studies have revealed that micro-plastics are there in almost every environment on planet Earth and can be found in the guts of numerous types of marine life and seabirds. As a budding field of research, not much is known about micro-plastics and their consequences yet. The NOAA Marine Debris Program is spearheading attempts inside NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to investigate this subject. Standardized field techniques for amassing sand, sediment and surface-water micro-plastic samples have been build up and carry on to undergo examinations. Ultimately, laboratory and field protocols will permit for global evaluations of the number of micro-plastics released into our surroundings, which is the initial step in determining the ultimate distribution, consequences, and destiny of this rubbish.

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Why Does Southwest Florida Well Water Smell So Bad?

Clean, cool water – there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot Florida day. For those who drink southwest Florida well water an icy glass isn’t as refreshing as they’d prefer if your well water has a distinct odor to it. Although generally safe to drink, there are a few things that you can do to make your water more palatable.

What causes odor in southwest Florida well water?

smelly water
Is your water smelly?

Many wells leech sulfur from the ground around them, passing the gas along to the water in the well. You may notice that your clothing begins to take on a smell of rotten eggs, and even your dishwasher and shower have the odor. Although in most cases your water will be safe to drink, a rotten egg smell can be a sign of dangerous water contamination

If you notice the smell in all your water, it’s probably sulfur bacteria or hydrogen sulfide gas in the water supply. If you only notice the distinctive smell when you’re using your hot water for showers or washing clothes, then the contamination might be in your hot water heater and you may need a water filtration system from Crystal Clear.

What are problems associated with hydrogen sulfide?

Beyond the obviously unpleasant odor that surrounds your shower or makes your ice and water taste off, hydrogen sulfide bacteria in your water supply can lead to plumbing damage. The chemical corrodes many different types of metal and causes black stains on plumbing fixtures. Even if you become used to the slight smell of your water, you should still consider water treatment to preserve the look and integrity of your pipes and porcelain.

Health problems, too, may occur with sulfur-smelling water. In most cases the unpleasant gas isn’t physically harmful; in others, it indicates sewage or other contaminants in your water supply. Because the odor from harmful sewage-tainted water and harmless sulfur-smelling water is the same, it is always best to have your water inspected and treated to avoid illness.

How can water filtration improve southwest Florida well water?

Choosing good water filtration and service can make a large impact on your family’s overall quality of life. From the taste and smell of clean water to the confidence of knowing that your clothing and dishes smell fresh instead of stale, water filtration from a reputable company such as Crystal Clear Water will add enjoyment to every sip and shower.

Removing the unpleasant odor of sulfur from your southwest Florida well water isn’t the only benefit to a good water filtration system. You’ll rest easy knowing that your water supply is free from harmful contaminants and chemicals that could be making you, your family, and your pets ill. When you choose service from Crystal Clear, you know that you’re receiving a professional evaluation and a water detoxification using leading-edge technology.

The correct water system doesn’t just stop at installation. Your warranty protects your equipment and repairs, as well as ensures that if your water becomes sulfurous again, you’ll have prompt service to correct the problem. Our unique Gen 5 Sulfur Eliminator is highly effective in removing sulfur odors commonly associated with problematic well water. Give us a call or visit us online for a free consultation and see how the right equipment can help you.

Whole House Water Filtration

Pure, clean water is essential for human welfare and happiness. According to the National Academy of Sciences one individual requires 20 to 50 litres of water for hygiene, cooking food and drinking. Pollutants, heavy metals and other potentially harmful things exist in our water systems and it is very important to ensure that our homes are safe from these things. If you haven’t done so, make it a priority to get your water tested to ensure the safety of you and your family. While local water services do the best they can to maintain clean water for residents in Southern Florida, they aren’t perfect. There is a lot you can do to feel confident about the safety of the water in your home.

In Southwest Florida, water is drawn from an underground source and contains several known contaminants. Some of those contaminants, such as hexavalent chromium, are linked to cancer. Naturally occurring radioactive uranium is also found among the minerals in Southwest Florida’s water. As you can see it is very important for Floridians to prioritize fresh water in their homes. Purchasing bottled water for drinking and cooking just isn’t practical. Filtered water costs only fractions of a penny per gallon and doesn’t leave behind as much waste as bottled. Not only does having an in-home filtration system save you money, and provide healthy water to your family, but it’s softer on hair and skin.

There are two simple ways to get water filtration at home: under sink and whole house water filtration. The under sink filtration method is excellent if you’re on a budget but really want to get the benefits of home-filtered drinking water. The downside to the under sink method however, is that only the water coming out of that specific sink is filtered. This means the rest of the water in your home remains unfiltered.

Think about how many times you use water in your home beyond drinking—brushing your teeth, showering, laundry, running the dishwasher—each one of these activities could benefit from filtered water and save you money in the long run. That is where whole house water filtration, comes in. This option is by far the better choice and ensures your family gets the pure water they need. This option also has the potential to increase the value of your home.

Regardless of which in-home filtration method you use, we cannot stress enough the importance of being informed about the water in your home. At Crystal Clear Water, we offer water testing and a variety of other services to make sure the water in your home is clean and free of harmful contaminants. Contact us for more information about taking the next step towards an in-home water filtration system. We are here to help you get the best in-home filtration system to suit your individual needs.

Water Filtration

A home water filtration system can provide your family with healthy and clean drinking water that is just as good as the water you buy at the shops. There are a number of benefits in using a home water filtration system.

A full house water filtration system can provide clean water from every source in the house. This means that you don’t need to worry about contaminated water when showering or brushing your teeth.

Your dishes will come out of the dishwasher without chlorine or other chemicals creating stains or discoloration.

Laundry will come out softer and cleaner without harsh chemicals with a water filtration system. Water can easily stain or damage clothing with chemicals such as chlorine.

Water FiltrationThe biggest benefit to you will be the cost. Bottled water is expensive. A filtration system can be a costly investment to start with but you will save money in the long run. There are a number of systems available from single tap water filtration to whole household water filtration systems. The system that you chose will depend on your requirements and budget. The people at Crystal Clear in Fort Myers have 100 years experience in water filtration and one of the largest selections of water systems. They will be able to help you find the ideal system for your requirements.

Using a water filtration system is very important in helping to save the planet. Single-use plastic bottles are one of the worst forms of pollution that we have. America goes through thousands of plastic bottles every day but they take thousands of years to biodegrade. By giving up plastic bottles and drinking filtered water at home you will be making a real contribution to saving the environment.

You are likely to drink far more water if you have easy access to delicious water. People avoid drinking water at home if it tastes bad or if they are worried about germs in the water. Water filtration will give you great tasting and contaminant-free water straight out of your tap. Water is very healthy and everyone should be drinking at least eight glasses a day. Having easy access to water will improve the health of you and your family.

Testing of water

You should get your water tested at least once a year and more often if you live in a rural area with potentially contaminated water. Testing your water will make sure that the water is still pure and healthy for you and your family to consume. Crystal Water is able to provide a full range of water testing services. They can provide you with a water filtration system that will alleviate the particular issues that your water may have.

Get a water filtration system for your home and enjoy pure water every day. You will help save the environment, enjoy the cost benefits and keep your family healthy.

3 Reasons To get A Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

Some people love having a home that is on well water, and some people hate it. This isn’t an article to examine the pros and cons of well water or municipal water. Instead, we are going to look at why you may want to get a whole house water filer for well water if that is what your home has.

Many home owners in Southwest Florida have well water. With the prevalence of heavy rains, and the proximity to agricultural areas, what is seeping into the ground water should be a concern to everyone who is drinking water from a well.

Eliminating the Sulfur Smell

3 Reasons To get A Whole House Water Filter For Well WaterAnyone who has well water, lives around someone with well water, or has driven down the street while someone with well water water their yard will tell you: the water stinks. That rotten egg smell is created by hydrogen sulfide. It is a distinctive contaminant that is common in ground water. In most cases, it is not known to be a health hazard, but in heavy concentrations it can lead to headaches and respiratory tract irritation.

A Whole house water filter will absorb the odor causing chemicals and get rid of the smell. This is good news unless you like smelling like rotten eggs.

Getting Rid of Bacteria and Parasites

Ground water can contain microorganisms like Cryptosporidium and Giardia that can wind up in your well water. These microorganism can cause diarrhea, vomiting, chills, fever, headaches, abdominal cramps, and malaise. It is because of organism such as these that it is recommended that you have your well water tested annually.

A proper whole house water filter will eliminate microorganisms from your homes water assuring the safety of you and your family.

Fertilizer and Motor Oil

Did you notice all the boil water notices that went up after hurricane Irma last year? Very heavy rains and flooding have a tendency to wash the fertilizers from lawns and agricultural areas into the ground water supply. In addition, motor oil, fuel and other pollutant in roadways could fallow the flood waters and contaminate ground water. This could leach its way into your well water. Nobody wants to drink that.

Call Crystal Clear Water!

Living with well water may be a choice, or it may be that that is what was available where you decided to build your house. Whatever reason you have for getting your drinking water from a well, you don’t have to deal with poor quality water. A whole house water filter, from Crystal Clear Water in Fort Myers, can make your water smell and taste great. Our technicians can test your well and figure out just what type of filtration system you need, and our filters will get rid of anything that can cause problems. We are southwest Florida’s largest water treatment company, and we are experts when it comes to dealing with southwest Florida wells. We can not only inspect your water, but also your pump. If you are having any problems with your well pump, our team can fix it and get you up and running in no time.

Home Water Filtration

Water is a critical element for life. You require at least 50 liters of safe, clean water to drink and for other home purposes like cooking and showering. You need to have an adequate supply of water every day for your body to work efficiently because about 70% of the human body comprises of water. Having clean water is therefore essential for your health.

Most people nowadays drink water that is treated with chlorine. It may be tap water, bottled water, or water stored in private wells. However, the water may still contain bacteria and chemical contaminants. The safest way to ensure that your water supply is pure and clean is by installing a home water filtration system. You will further realize that installing a water filtration system at your home is cheaper.

To maintain a safe and reliable water source, you will also have to monitor your water quality. Water quality will be determined through regular testing.

Home Water FiltrationWhy testing?

Testing allows an informed approach to solving the specific problems in a water supply. This aids in guaranteeing that your water source is prevented from potential contamination. Furthermore, it ensures that a correct home water filtration system is selected and that is running properly.

Since the quality of water may change with time, monitoring your water quality is thus necessary to ensure the treatment system is operating efficiently to provide clean and safe water for home use.

Benefits of water filtration system

Reduces pollution

In the US, the use of plastic bottles creates a potential environmental problem. Since only a small percentage is recycled, the rest find their way to landfills. Moreover, plastic bottles take time to disintegrate; it becomes an environmental pollution problem in the end. Water filtration system at home reduces the pollution risk since you will not be further filling the landfills with more plastic bottles.

Protects home appliances

Minerals, chemicals, and heavy metals found in water that is unfiltered can cause damage to your home appliances. It can also affect the water piping system. Nevertheless, having a water filtration system at home prevents such damage from occurring thereby reducing any repair bills that may be associated with the damage.

Safe and clean water at any time

Having a water filtration system guarantees that your drinking water is healthy, compared to water from taps or bottled water that normally come from water treatment plants. This unfiltered water may still contain chemical contaminants like lead.

In water treatments plants, the main method when treating water is by adding chlorine and fluorine to the water. Having a water filtration system will remove such chemicals and other impurities that may render your water unsafe for consumption.

Saves costs

The cost of buying bottled water annually and the cost incurred when installing a water filtration system, you will realize that using bottled water costs more. Having a water filtration system ensures you save big.

The safest and simplest solution to your water safety is by having a water filtration system at home. Our company located in Southwest Florida provides you with the best water filtration systems. We have a wide variety of water filtration products that you may choose from. Feel free to give us a call (239) 599-5762.

Home Water Filtration System

Living in the South West Florida Area has its advantages in many aspects. However, water quality has never been one of those benefits. Having a water filtration system installed in your home will improve your water’s quality by removing mineral causing harm to your home, removing impurities causing harm to you, reducing waste and the over cost associated with buying bottled water.

Home Water Filtration SystemTap water coming directly from any tap in your home contains natural minerals from ground-water that is gathered along the way. While some of these minerals are harmless to your home, many more can cause damage to your home’s appliances, pipes, and even your dinnerware. Limestone, for example, causes a buildup that can corrode pipes, and the heating elements in your washer, water and more depending on what you have in your home. Your pots, pans, and dinnerware suffer from a white buildup that can prove difficult if not impossible to remove. Reports from the USGS dating back forty years ago report this to be a problem because of the sources of the water. Water filtration can remove limestone and other minerals. Having your water tested will tell you what is present in your water and to what degree. This will help to prevent this damage that can cause hundreds if not thousands in damage over time.

A Home Water Filtration System Removes Contaminants

Without even considering the damage to your home, consider the damage to your body through the contaminants’ such as chlorine, chloride, lead and more. The above report and your local reports tell of the pollutants in your water that can and do cause harm to your body on a daily and over time basis. In showers, the damage is worse due to the vapors that are released and the direct inhalation and prolonged inhalation. Chlorine is present in all city tap water to reduce bacteria and the higher the levels the more damaging to your skin and hair. Healthy bodies are just a necessity to last one long into the future. A whole house water filtration system can eliminate these concerns.

Through the use of bottle water, we are wasting the equivalent of crude oil to power 12m car per year and filling up our landfills with the bottles and plastic labels. While it may not seem like enough with regards to the labels, they are not going anywhere. In most cases, they are not biodegradable. The amount of water it takes to make one bottle of water is also more. There is a waste in the making, it takes water to produce water and how often do you see half drank bottle just lying around? Can you imagine that there are at least 89 billion liters of water bottled every day? Water filtration systems will the issues causing alarm in our environment. In South West Florida, the harm is a direct impact on ocean life where they are often left littered on the beach.

Along with the waste comes the overall cost of bottle water. Anyone who buys bottle water knows that you buy two or so cases at a time. At a typical cost of four dollars a case, the cost factor for a family of four can quickly run into an easy fifty a month, and that’s not a sport loving family. That is only the cost to you as a consumer, remember the above the cost to the environment. A single bottle of water at a kid’s sports event can run two to three dollars a bottle, and at an adult’s you can double that figure.

Utilizing a water filtration system is one of the healthiest and wisest decisions a person can make within their home. It saves time, money, the environment, and more in their lives on a daily basis. There are many types of systems to choose from and deciding what system best suits your needs will depend on your lifestyle and water testing in South West Florida.

So give Crystal-Clear Water a call today and one of our experts can go over your options with you to make sure you get the possible home water filtration system for you, your family, and your home.