Annual Water Analysis & Plumbing Inspection- $44.99 ONLY

Annual Water Analysis & Plumbing Inspection - Total Value of $125!!
Special Offer of only $44.99! Limited Time Only!

Crystal Clear Water's Annual Plumbing & Water Inspection Plans Go a Long Way

Take a look at what we include with your plumbing and water system inspection.

  • Check and inspect entire outside system.
  • Qualify and analyze complete water system.
  • 24-point inspection on existing water treatment system.
  • Complete water analysis: sulfur, iron, tannic acid, nitrates, hardness, TDS, pH.
  • Sanitize your softener with SS.
  • Add 40lb of salt.
  • Check all under-sink emergency shut off valves.
  • Check washer connections and valves.
  • Check water heater incoming and out going water valves.
  • Check and inspect water heater.
  • Check main water valves.
  • Check tub and shower fixtures.

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Cape Coral Water AnalysisHave more questions on how to keep your water clean and safe?  Crystal Clear Water’s knowledgeable technicians can answer most of your questions and explain the benefits of one of our maintenance packages, if interested.

Pricing for maintenance packages start at just $42 per month and includes the salt acid wash. Or $55 bi-monthly.

  • Sale!

    Annual Plumbing & Water Inspection

    • We check and clean your aerator.
    • We acid wash your water softener ( to break anything up that may be inside) as well as sanitize it, to kill any bacteria that could be in it. ( both value over 75.00 together)
    • We Check your switches, gauges, pressure tanks, pistons seals,  injectors, floats & coils
    • Includes salt.
    • We do a complete water analysis of…. Sulfur ,iron, hardness, tannins, tds, nitrates, nitrites,  ph.
    • We check the entire outside system, explain the system and answer any questions.

    $ 150.00 $ 44.99

Check Out Other Ways Crystal Clear Water Can Help Make Your Water Safe & Clean

Remove lead, chemicals, micro-organisms, and other harmful substances from your water.

We manufacture the best Reverse Osmosis systems in the industry.

Call us today to find out how our systems cost less, save more water, and consume less electricity.

Reverse Osmosis water systems remove contaminates from water.


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